On guitar is John Chart.  A deadhead since his early teens Chart has been enthralled by Garcia’s style for years.  He is forever in search of THAT tone that typifies the Garcia sound.  It's been a life-long dream to find the right personel to put together a Grateful Dead cover band...then along came the guys in 710.  Chart can't play like Garcia and he's not willing to cut off a finger to see if that would help...but his playing will make you think of Garcia and hopefully put a smile on your face.



Eric McEwen is taking over the hot seat at the keys.  Eric is a Helena native that has recently returned from a stint on the east coast.  Eric is a DeadHead, a masterful keyboard player and well versed in the Jam Band scene.  His own project, Skyfoot, has released 4 albums and toured extensively throughout New England. Helena is very pleased to have him back and 710 is very happy he's joined the group.






Chris Heisel plays bass.  Chris performs in many groups in Helena for obvious reasons…the man can play!  Over our many years together, Chris has immersed himself in The Grateful Dead and knows Lesh's playing quite well.  He loves the challenge of taking on Lesh’s role in these tunes but sorry folks he just won’t play with a pick! 





Tim Borsberry is on drums.  Tim has played drums around Helena for years.  This is his first venture into the Grateful Dead world, but Tim has enthusiastically jumped right into the deep end of the pool. He’s enjoying the music and the challenge of holding down a job normally occupied by 2 drummers...and doing one helluva job of it.


So if you're looking for a Dead tribute band in Montana, think 710 Ashbury...where the Dead Live.

John Chart

Eric McEwen

Chris Heisel

Tim Borsberry