We try to rehearse on Tuesdays but it doesn't always work out.  The crazy thing is The Dead had such an enormous catalog that we could find ourselves constantly working on new numbers.  I'll be the first to admit that Help on the Way>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower was a killer.  Chris is always telling us that his nearly constant work on this triumvirate is what sustained him through the difficult times of Covid.  Tim jumped into the band and immediately requested on working on this number…and, as is often the case…when Eric came on board…he already knew it…quite well.  As of late we've been working on Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance.  Weir numbers always seem to present their own peculiar challenges, Sailor/Saint is no exception.  It's not particularly difficult ( I cheat some of the chord voicings…my hands just aren't nearly as big as Weir's).  But the sequencing of that tune can be a bugger.  Tim is the driving force behind this one…he grabbed hold of it and just won't let go…so…rest assured we'll keep working it until we get it Just Exactly Perfect….maybe we'll break it out on the 4/20 show at Lewis and Clark….maybe.

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