Pain in the Neck

Another Wednesday morning without a rehearsal on Tuesday night…bummer.  I've got a pinched nerve and my left hand is pretty weak.  Strangely enough, for a right-handed guitar player, it's the left hand that does a lot of the heavy lifting.  Our drummer, Tim Borsberry, has given me all sorts of advice and apparatuses (it feels like it should be apparati but I doubt it) to address my issue.  He's a good man to have on board for so many reasons.  Its been going on for a little while now and doesn't seem to be improving but I remain hopeful and hope to get back on the “pony and ride".   Meanwhile, there's another album up on the streaming services.  Some highlights from night one at Pine Creek in January.  Be sure to check it out.  I put another China Rider on this one (I like China Rider)…I like the jam we did on this one right at the beginning.  Truckin'>The Other One and a raucous Around & Around to finish things off.  Hope you enjoy it.  I'd cross my fingers if I could to ensure physical improvements…I'll keep you posted.

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