Getting Healthy

The hand is much improved.  There is still a bit of discomfort in my left hand but I'm at the point that I'm thinking a gig is in order.  The thought of not being able to play was pretty awful but the feeling that the troubles are behind me is pretty damn good.

Not sure if anyone is reading but I'll keep going.  I still like my 5 year period ('72-'77) for all the reasons I expressed the last time.  For my ears '74 is just as good as it gets.  The jams are just incredible.  I've also heard it discussed that the best era is ‘69-’74. I could easily be persuaded to change my choice to this one.  ‘69 could offer you some of that good ol’ primal Dead and days of the “an evening with the Grateful Dead" shows are pretty spectacular.  New Riders opening…acoustic sets and beautiful jams usually centered around Dark Star aren't too shabby either.  

My first show was in ‘78 and I probably saw the bulk of my shows in the late 80’s and early 90's but I still love those early 70's shows.  If you're looking for a treat go visit the Capitol Theater show from 2-18-1971.  The sequence out of Wharf Rat and back into Dark Star (often just referred to as “The Beautiful Jam”) is really something special.  

Just another rambling blog…hope all is well with you and yours.  Peace.

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