Best era?

The saga with the hand troubles continues but but there does seem to have been some progress.  I'll keep working at it.  Played for about an hour and a half today…it was a sloppy mess but its getting there.

I've heard the question posed before and I've always enjoyed hearing answers.  Which 5 year era of Grateful Dead music is your favorite and why?

I'll go first…'72-'77.  We've still got Pig…but Keith is coming on strong.  I think ‘73 and ’74 are probably their strongest years.  It's just Bill on the drums and the group can often feel like a jazz combo.  You've got Europe ‘72 at one end and Barton Hall and the whole ’77 tour at the other.  I'm a big fan of the early years…early Dark Stars, the complete Other One suite and jesus…New Potato Caboose?!?….but you can only choose a 5 year period…and with that stipulation I've gotta land on ‘72-’77.  Be sure to comment …I could talk about this shit for hours.

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